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On Road, In Style

Sports utility vehicles have grown tremendously in popularity over the last few decades. However, the Ford Explorer has transcended the boundaries of the mid-size SUV paradigm and has become a marvelous crossover vehicle flaunting its wide array of spectacular features and functionalities.

The Life and Times of the Explorer

The Explorer started to hit the streets in early nineties as a mid-size SUV, but over the years, numerous additions of features and changes of design have panned out across five generations of different models. The contemporary platinum model comes with leather enhanced instrument panels, the steering wheels accompanied by sleek ceramic seats, and an amazing sound system.

The 2018 Ford Explorer
The 2018 Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer: Designed to Impress

The power generated by the Explorer is something quite remarkable. It runs on 2.3 L Ecoboost engine which generates 280 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. The solid engineering design of the turbocharger segregates the exhaust pulses from the cylinders, which effectively generates much quicker turbine spin.

Willing to Go that Extra Mile, Every Time

The car comes with SYNC and MyFord touch panel. This allows the driver to make calls without using cell phones, thus reinventing in-drive calling and making it much safer. That apart, it also lets the user search and play music hands-free, and use voice activated navigation tools.

The voice control also enables the driver to control the climate inside the car and access ride information. The 180 degree wide angle camera is extremely useful while taking sharp corners, pulling out of crowded driveways, or in tight parking lots.

The 2018 Ford Explorer

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