How Our Finance Team Can Guide You to the Right Financing Option in Allentown, PA

Financing a car can be a headache because you must decide on whether you want to be tied to the car for the foreseeable future or if you would like to rent the car for a short time.

Your local Ford dealer serving Bethlehem, PA, can help guide you to the right financing decision, but it is important to know which option is best going into the dealership.

Advantages of Financing a Vehicle in Emmaus, PA

  • No limits on the number of miles you can drive.

When you lease a vehicle, the dealership will give you a limit on the number of miles that you can drive. If you go over that limit, then you must pay extra. Owning a vehicle means that you do not have to abide by mileage constraints.

  • Payments are not constant.

While payments may be more for financing a vehicle, the payments are not constant. This means that once you have paid off the car in full, the payments stop. This is nice because once the payments stop, the only costs for the cars are repairs and gas.

Advantages of Leasing a Vehicle in Breinigsville, PA

  • You are not tied to a vehicle for the long term.

This is the main advantage of leasing a vehicle in Macungie, PA. Most people lease a vehicle because they are unsure of their family situation in the future. Leasing a vehicle will allow you to drive it for a couple of years, and then you have the freedom to switch to another vehicle. Also, just because your lease is up does not mean you can renew it.

  • Lower repair costs due to the vehicle's included warranty.

Repair costs can be daunting on a vehicle that you own, but repairs are not as costly when you are leasing the vehicle. Since the dealership still owns the car, they are incentivized to repair the car to keep it in good condition. To ensure that the car gets repaired, they do not charge as much.

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