Engine Coolant Flush

Engine Coolant Flush


Do you know how expensive a new engine is? Do you how much it costs to maintain your engine? A LOT less. Take care of this vital part of your vehicle and start by paying attention to your engine coolant.

Engine Coolant is Vital

Engine coolant is a vital part of making your engine run smoothly and efficiently. Coolant is the main source of heat transfer out of the engine in your vehicle. If your coolant can't transfer heat away properly, the engine can overheat and can be severely damaged.

Engine Coolant Is Vital
Keep Your Engine Healthy

Give Your Engine the Fresh Coolant it Needs

  • Keep Your Engine From Overheating
  • Help Prevent Coolant Corrosion
  • Keep Your Coolant Protected to at Least -20°F
  • We Use Genuine Motorcraft Engine Coolant
  • Flush Chemicals Completely Clean All Deposits

At Haldeman Ford Lincoln in Allentown, PA, we use a state of the art coolant exchange machine that properly exchanges all of the coolant in your vehicle. We use a flush chemical and completely replace all the old coolant with new coolant. After the flush is done we add a coolant conditioner that helps the coolant last as long as possible.

Coolant Exchange Machine

Keeping the coolant in your vehicle fresh is one of the most important maintenance items you can do. Call us today to schedule your coolant exchange, and take advantage of our special offer!

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